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Private, family or couple style, wildlife photography tours are available all years.


Cost is $625 for two people (spouse, family or close friend).

Multiple day tours will be $500 for each additional day, one or two people.


Throughout the day we will focus on finding wildlife in Yellowstone, and discuss the environmental factors relevant to the park and why we need to follow certain rules.  We will talk about the behaviors of different species.  And, we will discuss the comfort levels of the wildlife as we view and photograph them, and how to read the landscape to make your own discoveries. We might take short hikes in order to get away from the crowds, join the masses if there are some cute cubs wandering around with mama.  It is your tour! Although we can not guarantee that you will see any particular animals, there is a good chance of seeing grizzlies, black bears, wolves, coyotes, fox, badgers, birds, bison, elk, pronghorn and deer, depending on the season.  Grizzly bears begin emerging in April with new cubs coming out in late May.   Wolf pups are born in April but they will be in their dens, as will coyote pups and fox kits.  Bison babies begin to drop around mid April and continue through June.  One thing that is good about pups and kits being in their dens is that the family will be out looking for food to deliver to the youngsters and so your chances of seeing them is good.  Wildflowers, if it is a wet year, will begin blooming in June and be most prolific late in the month and July.  End of July and all of August, the bison are in rut and the park is chaos with groaning boys.  September is time for the elk rut.  Towards the end of September, and all throughout October, the grizzlies will be returning to the low lands to prepare for hibernation and can often be seen following a pack of wolves.  During winter, your chances of seeing a bear are slight as they are in their dens, but the rest of the wildlife, in snow, is pure magic. Weather is always variable in spring – you might have anything from snow to green grass and sunshine.  The weather mysteries are part of the park beauty.  Anything is possible.  Bring layers and good walking shoes.  Sandals/open-toed shoes will not be allowed. Whatever we will find during our day will be filled with wonder because we will be in one of nature’s biggest gifts, Yellowstone National Park, out in the wild and filling our senses with beauty.


During the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, our workshops and tours will be geared towards maximum safety for all involved.  Masks will be worn when distancing is not an option, inside and outside.  We will highly encourage clients to drive their own vehicle and follow their guide, using walkie talkies to keep in contact.  If this is not possible, we will screen each person to assure they are healthy.  Your guide will be getting regular COVID tests and limiting the number of tours in order to minimize virus contact potential.  And questions, please don’t hesitate to contact.

Cancellation Policy

Booking in advance is required, with half due to reserve your date, and second half due 30 days prior to your tour.  If cancelled fourteen days prior to the scheduled workshop, you can receive a refund of half of the amount paid.  Trip insurance highly recommended.  Be familiar with the park rules and be prepared to follow them.

Not included

Lodging, lunch, transportation from airport, park pass  (good for 7 days) and gratuity not included in this price.  Fun, great photos and enhanced knowledge of the wildlife and park are included.  Bring your park pass if you have one. *Note, it is important that you know the basic settings of your camera prior to the workshop.

Not Permitted on Tour

Firearms, smoking and perfumed scents are not permitted.  Deby reserves the right to end any tour if participants are unwilling to follow the rules and be respectful to wildlife and others. Deby Dixon is a permitted photography and art guide with Yellowstone National Park and is trained in CPR.

Booking a Tour

Contact me at, or 406-641-0931, to check for available dates.  You can either pay on this site, or if an odd amount, pay via PayPal at  Or, email me at debydixon@yellowstoneswildworld to request an invoice and confirm your dates.

No Guarantees

We can not guarantee that you will see any particular animals, or that you will be able to get closeup shots if the situation is unsafe or unlawful.  For wildlife photography we recommend a minimum of a 400mm lens – 500 or 600 is preferable and a tripod.  Bean bags for shooting from the vehicle, are recommended.  Bring plenty of memory cards and fully charged batteries.  If available, you can rent a Nikon D610 with a Sigma 150-600 lens for the day, at an added cost.  Tripod may or may not be available.  I will have a scope that we can use for viewing distant wildlife.  The amount of time you want to spend watching animal behavior will be entirely up to you – but the focus will be on wildlife photos.



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