Drama in Yellowstone

The Twin 926 Drama and the BS Yellowstone drama

Spitfire after playing kiss face with the guys all day
Spitfire after playing kiss face with the guys all day
Day two of the Twin attempt to become alpha male of the Lamar Canyon pack and he has made significant progress.  Especially considering that 926 is now with all of the Prospect Boys.
I arrived in Round Prairie just in time to see 926, Twin and 965 running across a hill.  No running from or to, no aggression, just trotting along as if old buddies.  Except that we know differently.  They quickly vanished in some trees and then came out again for minute.  I was going down the road when a black pup crossed, going north.


965 and Jet Black
965 and Jet Black
The howling was incredible, coming from all directions, and it went on and on and on.  I was standing there recording some sound, not video, just sound, when a young man from New York walked up.  He stood silently until the howling died down and then proceeded to tell me about his morning.
This guy had just finished veterinarian internships for fish and wildlife in three different states and had driven 15 hours yesterday to get to Yellowstone.  He got up way early and came into the park getting out the NE way by 6:15, and when it was pitch dark.  So, he wandered around, going out to the NE gate and coming back.  First off, he was lucky to see a pine marten!
He returned to Round Prairie and was pulled to the side of the road so that he could photograph the 4 moose bulls out in the willows.   He said that he was happily shooting away when all 4 moose suddenly looked to one direction.  By their reaction the photographer knew that something exciting was out there.  Well, there was – wolves!  The wolves went right past him, across the road and up a hill.  Can you imagine?   Only in Yellowstone for a couple of hours and quietly, all by yourself with no one around, photographing moose and wolves appear.  And, he is from New York where he says he wishes there were wolves because the deer population is out of control.
Of course this New Yorker, veterinarian student, in Yellowstone for only one day, photographed the wolves.  I find myself trying to imagine how excited he was and how lucky he felt.   I told him, teasingly, that I was too jealous to speak to him any longer.
And then he wanted to know if he had done something wrong because a woman in a white car, wearing a weird fur hat, and “heading up the whole operation” had gone by and given him the stink eye, making him feel as though he had really messed up.  Definitely putting a blight on his excitement – a damper on what was probably the most wonderful wildlife experience he had ever had.  He said that he thought to himself, hey, wait a minute, give me a break, I am from New York and it is my first time in the park.  Unfortunately no breaks are granted for visitors with cameras, unless a friend.  IMO
Unfortunately, this scenario plays out day after day in Yellowstone.  Most folks are pretty nice and are enjoying their park experience rather than taking everyone else’s inventory and admonishing them, in one way or the other, for what they deem inappropriate behavior.  But, it only takes one individual to ruin a person’s day in the park and these days that person is trying to ruin every single one of my days in Yellowstone.  From being highly critical of my behavior, loudly and in front of other visitors, who often think that this person is in charge, to admonishing people for giving me information about the wolves.  They are attempting, and often succeeding in severing me from my personal and professional relationships, which is causing me personal and financial harm.  In fact they have created much damage for me by telling lies and trying to influence the judgement of others.  This has been going on for three winters now.
No amount of ignoring this person does any good. I haven’t spoken to them in two years and rarely speak about them, except to close friends.  Unless someone asks me about her, while in the park, I do not bring up the subject.  I have never attempted to defend myself or tell my side of the story to the numerous people that she has talked to about me.  In other words, I don’t involve others or make some deal out of someone who is going around slandering, gossiping, berating and trying to severe me from Yellowstone.  Not my style and so beneath me.  In my opinion, if I have a problem with someone, it is not my job to influence other people’s opinion about them.  Let them discover for themselves and maybe they will have a better experience.
Well, yesterday, we had all of that howling from the Lamars, through the fog, and I was standing there listening and wondering what the heck was happening.  A woman I know drives by and motions eagerly in the direction she had just come from.  I did a double take and she motioned again.  I took it to mean that I should go that way, which is what anyone would have thought.  So, I packed up and went that way.  Didn’t see anything, except maybe a black flash in the fog to the right.  But, when I left I noticed people having a fit.  Others, including Rick, were driving back and forth, the road was not closed and wolves were not being seen, so, as Rick said, I did nothing wrong.  I went back, asked the woman what she had meant and she said she just wanted to let us know she saw wolves that way but did not mean for anyone to go that way – and apparently people were mad at me for leaving.  Well, as you can now tell, the atmosphere at that location was hostile, due to this one person and the way in which she has talked about me, so I was not comfortable there anyway.  This person’s attitude and hostility has caused me to go look for other locations for viewing the wolves, or to drive back and forth, trying to figure out what was going on.   So probably counterproductive, except that it gives her something to complain about, even though the complaints are not valid.  When the person told me about everyone being mad, I turned to the crowd and said, “You all need to mind your own business – you focus way too much on me.”  And I left.  No yelling, just a firm statement and quite appropriate under the circumstances.
After I left, this nasty person went up to the individual I had spoken to and chastised them for giving me information.  Which is what she has done for three winters now – cutting me off from all friendships and communication because people are afraid to give me information  for fear of her wrath.  I spend 10 months repairing the damage she causes during two months and she comes back angrier and more hostile than ever.  Despite the fact that I don’t get into any trouble for my behavior around the wildlife during her absence.  Apparently I am only a truly evil person during March and April.
The problem with all of this is that she is one of the wolf watchers and she helps the park find the wolves.  She carries a radio, tells people what to do and comes across as a person with authority, despite having none.  And, because she is around huge crowds of people she has many ears to talk into.  Today she was pointing at me, the two people looked at me and then she was talking in a heated way.  So, I am sure those folks, whoever they are, also hate me now and will never get a chance to know me.
This person has been the main trouble maker against me in the park and she does maximum damage in a short amount of time.  Not that she quits when she returns to her own country.  She does not have any more status than you nor I and is not entitled to any more information than we are.  We are all equals in status.  Except that she is evil and quite obviously intent in getting me kicked out, or in running me out, of the park.  She definitely wants me away from the wolves.  My thing is, I have done nothing wrong, am not ashamed of my behavior or who I am and have every right to enjoy my park, just like every one else.  Except that she takes that away from me, or tries to.  There is always a cloud over me as she creates drama surrounding me – and that makes it near impossible to work effectively.  She has no right to do this, not legally, morally or ethically.
Numerous people have tried to talk to this person to get her to back off but she refuses.  So, I wonder how long the park and the wolf project is going to allow this to continue.
And, from what I hear, she is playing some very childish games in her attempts to ruin me and my life.  I think this needs to stop and needs to stop now – it has gone on far too long.
This person’s name is Sian Jones and she is from England.  If you come to Yellowstone and mention my name to her, you will get an earful about what an awful person I am.  Consider the source – anyone who would spend thousands of dollars to be in Yellowstone for two months and spend their time childishly trying to discredit an innocent person who has never harmed them in any way, or who would spend their time making nasty comments about anyone in the park, is worthy of being ignored.  That is not rational behavior.  (And, all of you know that I do not mention names lightly)
And, remember this, many, many locals who have seen this same thing happen to numerous other people who simply just went away because the nastiness was too much for them, say that I am way tougher than most for having stuck this whole thing out.  They all say that others would have been gone long ago and they wonder why I am willing to live with such ugliness over my head.  That is simple – it is because I have done nothing wrong and this national park belongs to all of us and no one, no where, has the right to run people out of the park with their bad behavior.  They are the ones who need to go, if they are not going to treat people appropriately.  Particularly if they give the appearance of being in charge of wolf situations in the park and act like they have authority, and the wolf project allows them to continue, knowing what they are doing to other park visitors.

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  1. First of all thank you for keeping us informed and for your close and deep look at what is going on. So sorry for you about the way this person treats you. But it is a sad truth that some people have to behave like this to feel better. You can nothing do against this, you can only stay as you are, be authentic and try not to be impressed .
    Best whishes for you and God besser you.

  2. Well Deby, I’m about moved out of my place this week or next & don’t really have a place to land yet. May have to come up & ride around a couple of days. In need of some Peace after losing my husband & hassling w nasty landlords. Hell with this Cow hassling you. How dare she! (((HUGS))) Shi

  3. I read your post this morning about the person .Its more than bad behavior it’s someone with mental issues and that’s as nice as I can put it. Needs to be in somebody’s professional care.
    This repeated behavior needs to be addressed by Yellowstone. Deby you need to know we all back you. You are not dealing with a normal rational
    Person but someone other than that..

  4. I read your post this morning about the person .Its more than bad behavior it’s someone with mental issues and that’s as nice as I can put it. Needs to be in somebody’s professional care.
    This repeated behavior needs to be addressed by Yellowstone. Deby you need to know we all back you. You are not dealing with a normal rational
    Person but someone other than that..

  5. I hope she is still there when I get there. I know this isn’t the first time you’ve dealt with her. I think she and I need to have a little talk.

  6. well, the drama continues. i am truly sorry that this person has chosen you as a target. i wonder why the other watchers and people from the wolf project give her so much credit. or do they, is she a large donor to the wolf project, and they just put up with her. we are coming out to Yellowstone for the month of may. will she be gone by then. i hope so. i think as others have said, she is very envious of you, because you live here, and can enjoy the park everyday. Stay strong,
    I hope we get to meet you when we come out in May. I would truly enjoy that.

  7. Thank you for keeping us informed. I am from NY too and can only imagine how the young man felt having the wolves cross near him. Keep doing what you do Deby and everything else will fall in place. We love and support you

  8. Deby, I think this person must be very jealous-green with envy. You do what you do very well, and apparently have learned your way around in Yellowstone and learned about the wolves VERY WELL. It sounds as if she is jealous of your abilities.
    I know it must be hard trying to deal with what she puts out. I really wish many of us, your Facebook followers, could be there to support you. Since we cannot physically be there, please know that we care about you and truly appreciate all that you do. Hang in there, Deby.

  9. I am so hopeful for the Lamar pack please keep the stories coming. Just rise above this woman, hang with The wolves they need you and not her. She will be gone soon!

  10. ahhhh, I’ve met the person, when will all this end? Not to worry Deby, a person’s true traits are soon apparent, the others know whats going on and she’s hurting her credibility far worse than she is hurting yours. I know its hard to deal with and I’m sorry you are forced another’s jealous and spite. Carry on, you do more for wolves than she ever will.

  11. Thank you for the photos and stories:) strength in numbers, I’m glad Spitfire will have help with all the pups.
    Sorry for the drama.. 🙁
    Peace to you xx

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