Hi!  My name is Deby and I have been experiencing the wonders of Yellowstone, almost daily, for the past ten years, viewing, photographing and filming wildlife, hiking, teaching photography workshops and guiding clients around the park.  Many of my images have appeared in magazines, books, on billboards and on people’s walls.  I have contributed video to major productions about the wolves in Yellowstone.  While taking photos and sharing the park with clients keeps me busy, my main focus is on advocating for the parks, the wildlife and the visitors who come to Yellowstone.

My favorite animal is the wolf and I have spent countless hours watching these animals and getting to know their behaviors

The world of Yellowstone National Park is filled with endless opportunities of seeing and photographing wildlife, if you know where to look.  After living right outside the North gate of the park, and visiting on most days since 2012, I still feel the excitement of possibilities on every visit.  I want to share that thrill with you when you join me for a custom designed day or two in the park.

Grizzly cub known as “Snow”

A photography tour in Yellowstone with us will be one of those special days in the park you will remember always.

Why hire a guide to show you around Yellowstone?

I provide environment educational tours for individuals and families (ages 10+) of the Northern Ranger (Lamar Valley), Norris Geyser Basin and Hayden Valley to the Lake area, and special arrangements can be made for a tour of the park’s west side and the geyser basin.  I also provide, on a limited basis, photography workshops  for select clientele.  Please see the different tours offered and availability in the drop down menu.  You will have the option to add a short, easy to moderate hike to your tour day at checkout.

My tours are private and limited to 1 – 5 people and can be customized for each group, depending on interests and physical ability.

You will ride in luxury, in an easily accessible vehicle with a speaker system for easy conversation amongst everyone, while I do all of the driving.  (Please note, if you prefer to follow in your own vehicle, I can provide walkie talkies for communication).  I drive and you take in the wonders of the park.  Ask me to stop so that you can see something or take a quick photos, and I will put on the brakes, parking of the road, out of traffic so that you can enjoy your viewing.  Bring your curiosity and ask questions!  Your guide loves to tell the stories of Yellowstone.

Yellowstone is a large national park with many nooks and crannies.  For most people, this is a dream vacation and they want to make the best out of their time by having a chance to see and photograph as much as possible.  With the Yellowstone’s Wild World, your guide lives and breathes Yellowstone everyday and has a knowledge that one only gets from years of daily visits to the park.

During a photo workshop we will provide as much or as little photo instruction as you feel comfortable with.  Know how to change the settings on your camera in order to get the most out of your day.  We will go over the rules of the park and be careful to follow those the best we can – always listening to the rangers if they ask us to do anything.  We will talk about ethical wildlife photography and what that means – more importantly, why it is essential for wildlife photography.  And, we will combine the park’s rules with making sure that the animals are comfortable with our presence, to get the best shots.  We will talk about composition, lighting, equipment and what makes a photo stand out from all of the others.  We will also talk about the habits and particulars of the different species and provide information on how to find the wildlife on your own.  We have found that the best wildlife photography opportunity is the one we find.

Please note, we will work hard to find the wildlife, however, that we can not make any guarantees.

If you want a chance to get great wildlife images or sightings, patience will be required.  There are many days that we wait in one place just to get an opportunity to photograph a wolf or a bear.  So, bring your patience, or let us know if you just want to drive around to find as much variety as possible.  Your day, your call!

We do not allow smoking during the tours and ask that no one use perfumes, colognes or hair sprays.  We will also talk about the most professional and courteous way to behave during a wildlife sighting.  There is so much to learn in Yellowstone and with the expertise of your guide, you will be way ahead of the rest.

Please email Deby Dixon at for more information and tour dates that are available.


Select your tour under the pulldown menu and check availability for your dates.  Questions, send an email.  Book and then get excited for a special day in the park.

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