More Bear Babies!

Just spent two wonderful days in Grand Teton National Park watching 399 and 610 with their youngsters.  Not as much of 399 as I would have liked but  both her and the cub look wonderful.  610 is looking a little thin, as her cubs.  Also saw 3 wolves – different ones than I have seen in the Tetons before.  So nice to see them coming back.

610 is traveling a lot and the last I saw her was on Pacific Creek but did hear she was at the elk ranch today.  399 is staying around the  Pilgrim Creek, Dump road, Colter Bay area.

Obsidian sow
Obsidian sow

Have a good friend visiting for the week, from across the country, and so am just going to show you some photos of the new triplets in Yellowstone, the Obsidian family.

Got back in Yellowstone this afternoon and it was still quiet in the Fishing Bridge, Hayden Valley area and so I went right on through to see the Obsidian sow at Roaring Mountain.  This sow and her three cuties are right along side the road, the only way to get from Mammoth to the southern portion of the park right now, and so you can’t miss them.  Well, you can’t miss the crowd of photographers who are out there waiting for her.  So, expect big crowds – you are in a national park and hundreds of people are here to see grizzlies.  And, boy, what a treat everyone will find with this little family.  The sow is collared and ear-tagged.

Obsidian sow
Obsidian sow

Mama and the cubs put on quite a show this evening, entertaining hundreds of people.

Sow and cub
Sow and cub
The kids went for a swim and didn't like it much
The kids went for a swim and didn’t like it much

This makes three sows with cubs between Mammoth and Beryl Springs, two with 3 cubs and one with two.  The other sow, besides the Beryl Springs sow, is at Swan Lake Flat and I just saw her and her two COY on Thursday for the first time.

Lots of bear babies this year!



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  1. Great pictures and stories, hope the Bears still out for viewing in late August when we come visit Yellowstone

  2. Great pics Deby! I love reading your experiences in YNP and the Tetons!

  3. Wow. thanks for the pics and info. I hope I see them!. Flying into Bozeman tomorrow, In The Park for a week!

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