Snow Day and Pronghorn


Snow at last!

Yep, late March, Spring, and finally some snow now that winter has already melted away.

Over the past few days the weather cooled, the winds blew and snow flirted with us.  But, finally, last night some came down – enough to make the roads icy and so that the sagebrush looked like lace.

Fresh snow this morning
Fresh snow this morning

This is what Yellowstone looked like this morning – all bright and fresh.

Bison after snow melted, in late afternoon
Bison after snow melted, in late afternoon

And, this is what the same area looked like by the end of the day.  That is why we enjoy the moments in Yellowstone.

Things were fairly quiet.  Pronghorn all over Little America but not much else unusual.  The bull moose, which are growing their racks back, were back in Soda Butte Valley.

A couple of days ago during a flirtatious white out.
A couple of days ago during a flirtatious white out.

Here is one of the guys when they were preparing to leave Round Prairie a couple of evenings ago.  He was so full of himself in the snowstorm, stomping, bucking, kicking – it was hilarious to watch him.

Oh, and the elk are dropping their antlers – quickly.  Many still had them a couple of days ago but not today.  Saw Broken Nose by the river tonight and he is bald.

No bear sightings for a while – they are busy on winter kill.

Wolves were pretty quiet.  The Bad Boys and Lamar 926 travelled back to Lamar Valley but the kids are still no where to be found.  We looked and waited all day long.

But, I did have fun photographing the pronghorn at first light in the fresh snow.

Pronghorn in fresh snow, Little America
Pronghorn in fresh snow, Little America









See you tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Snow Day and Pronghorn

  1. Love seeing so many Pronghorn! Saw a lot when I lived in Hardin area, but to see so many here now is just plain AMAZING!!! Thank you for bringing them to us so beautifully!

  2. Beautiful, Deby. Yes, Osdianna, that look of “Where did you come from”?
    Thank you for all the great photos and info of the happenings in Yellowstone, Deby.

  3. Just love love love those pronghorns!!! As far as I am concerned you can never take enough photos of them!!! They have the cutest face!!! Thanks Deby!!

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