The Teton Escape

Bull Face
Bull Face

I heard that grizzly bear 399 was out with her two two-year-olds and so raced down to Grand Teton National Park, in hopes of photographing her and the cubs for the third and final year.  Grizzly sows kick their cubs when they are about 2.5, where black bears kick theirs at 1.5 years.

This year, 399 will tell the kids goodbye and she will go have a little fun with love.  And, then she will emerge with new cubs, COY, next spring.  Her daughter, 610, will most likely appear with COY this year because she lost hers last spring.

So, yeah, I packed a bag and raced down.  But, 399 disappeared when a boar visited the neighborhood of Oxbow Bend and we don’t know where she is hiding.

The boar found an elk carcass, most likely a wolf kill, and has been camping there for several days.



So, after checking out Oxbow Bend at sunrise, only to find the mountains behind clouds, I began exploring and happened upon a couple of moose, my first in a long day of moose.

Oxbow Bend cow moose
Oxbow Bend cow moose

And then I got suspicious about where the other photographers were and went looking but they weren’t far away, watching the grizzly.

We were out in the field, watching the bear about 150 yards away when two rangers came up and ordered us back to the road.  They said we would not be allowed off of the road this year.  Huh?  National parks are anything but consistent.

moosecalfpilgrim001And so I went and found a couple of other moose – a cow and calf.  This calf looks a little thin.  Found these two out Pilgrim road.

After more time with the bear the day went a little downhill with harsh sunlight and not much going on.  The landscape is drab and uninteresting where the snow is melted.  And, so I wandered.

Until I found 22 moose on Antelope Flats.

Moulton Barn and Tetons
Moulton Barn and Tetons







Of course by the time the mountains appeared the good morning light was gone and so I had to settle with the backlit mountains and moose.  But, how often does one find themselves surrounded by a bunch of bulls?

After finishing with the moose I was stunned to see hundreds of elk just down the road, leaving the Elk Refuge.




4 thoughts on “The Teton Escape

  1. Great bear photo’s. I sure wish the rangers would make up their minds about what they are going to do in the Teton’s. It is like every day is a new rule. Glad you are seeing lots of good things though.

  2. Deby, did you pull the howling wolves from Facebook. I had to update my Flash Player and when finished the video was gone. Maybe my computer somehow lost it.

  3. Love the moose. They are quiet and steady like trees. The babies are so cute and vulnerable, they tug at my heart. Thanks for the photos of them. Amazing for you to see so many moose in one place!

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