When photographs tell the story for you

DSC_0322Like this image, sometimes photographs tell the story for you.

Thanks to Jill – who is far more perceptive of her surroundings than I am – I’ve stopped being so focused on getting the best shot in order to take a step back and attempt to capture the most interesting shot.

Here are a few images that don’t require much explaining…

wildlife human interaction

If a photo is worth a thousand words, then the first two that come to mind looking at this visitor, umm, interacting with a bighorn sheep in Jasper National Park must be ‘stupid’ and ‘bizarre’.

black bear on the road yellowstone

There are most certainly a thousand words written about this photo.

bighorn sheep reading

Since some bighorn sheep are literate in Jasper National Park, I’m hoping they read this post and begin to overcome their irrational fear of water. And narrow passages.

mountain goat

This mountain goat who calls Glacier National Park’s Logan Pass home has always been a bit of a loner. His herd’s lack of acceptance might stem from a fear of joining the goat on his forays into the park’s closed areas. (Paying a fine is a non-starter for the notoriously cheap Glacier goats.)

grizzly bear 610

Missed it by that much, 610!

Grand Teton National Park’s famous grizzly bear sow and cubs missed the memo that she can only cross the road in a specific nine mile stretch of highway. The park has since moved the sign to give her an even 10 miles of crossing flexibility.


An urban snowy owl rebel without a cause. Toronto’s Sam Smith Park’s resident snowy owl during this past winter is not only an expert swan killer, but she also likes to flagrantly break the law. Private dock? What Private dock?!


I never could figure out if this bear in Kananaskis preferred the contours of the highway side-rail to tackle that hard-to-reach itch on its back or if it was simply looking to hitch a ride.


This Kermode bear on Princess Royal Island in BC clearly thought its lunch of decomposing Coho salmon was better than anything we photographers would eat that day – and this boar didn’t mind making his opinions known!

And as for that first shot?

elk at mammoth

I’m not even going to comment.

– D. Simon Jackson | GhostBearPhotography.com





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