Wolves, Grizzly and Fox

911M, Junction Butte Alpha Male
911M, Junction Butte Alpha Male

It was another great day in Yellowstone.  Snowing like crazy this morning and the road was a bit scary but the landscape beautiful.  Most of the snow didn’t stay long but I sure enjoyed it while it lasted.

Just some quick notes about today’s activities.

Lamars returned from Cache Creek and made their way to Slough where they had a carcass that was quickly stolen by a grizzly.  They were way off, across the flats but great to watch.

The Junctions crossed the road, half of them, and went up Specimen.  The other half crossed later in the day and so the pack has gone south again.  Possibly not to be heard of for awhile – again.

The beautiful male fox was at Wrecker, which is the big pullout after the Yellowstone bridge.

Big horns also around the Wrecker area.

Hundreds of elk all over Mammoth.  Many bulls still had their antlers.

Beautiful day and the action is picking up some.

Look forward to the story about the Junctions tomorrow.  Two days in a row I have had an alpha male run right by me.  It was wonderful!  The best part being that I have been evicted from the official wolf finders club and so did not have to tell anyone!

Until tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Wolves, Grizzly and Fox

  1. I will come up and we will make our own wolf spotting club. Are these folks still at it? Makes me sad actually. But, lovely pictures and story today. Looking forward to more.

  2. Awesome report. Sorry you got kicked out but sounds like you are happy about it. We will be out 4/21-25 and cant wait! Love your work keep it up and keep telling the truth!
    Michael Brown
    Waynesville NC

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