3/19/2015 Yellowstone update

Today was one of those during which no images were taken.  So, please forgive the lack of photos.

The big news today was the death of 870F, the former alpha female of the Junction Butte pack who lost her status after being severely injured during an attack by rival wolves.  870 initially survived the attack but was no longer able to be the alpha of a pack and so went off on her own with injuries so severe that she was not able to hunt.  During the past few days, 870 succumbed to those injuries and lack of food.

The other big wolf news was that with a few, short, regular howls to rally the troops, Mama Lamar was back in the business of being the alpha of her pack.  Away they went to hunt.  The howls were so different than what we had heard in previous days – today she was back on her game, no doubt thanks to a good meal yesterday.  Unfortunately, 967 got left behind again and did quite a bit of howling at the den site.  Hoping he found them and does not miss out on a meal.

The Junctions were feasting on 4 bison carcasses behind Junction Butte.  The spot is a hotbed of bear activity right now and extremely dangerous.

I heard that there were 6 bison carcasses at Lake.  Unfortunately, they will be gone by the time the park opens, seeing as how the bears are out early.

Did see the bear on the bison carcass on the Blacktail this morning.  Unfortunately, people get there early, in hopes of seeing the bear, but are so noisy they scare it off.  Shhh, folks!  LOL

More and more pronghorn flood into Little America, the area between the Yellowstone Bridge and the New Bridge over the Lamar River before Slough Creek.  And, I heard, identified and saw, in that order, a Meadowlark, a blue bird and a robin!

That is it for today’s update.

Until tomorrow.


One thought on “3/19/2015 Yellowstone update

  1. Thanks for the updates, Deby. I wish the outcome could have been better for 870F, but she is no longer suffering, and that is good.
    It’s great to hear that Mama is back at the helm of the Lamars. Maybe they will soon have a successful hunt and the pups will be pros at it, well, pretty good at it, before she dens. I certainly hope so. They deserve to have some good luck for a change.
    Have a good day, and know that you are appreciated for all that you do.

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