High winds last night led us right to a fierce winter storm and several inches of new snow.  It was absolutely beautiful this morning at my little forest getaway, with fresh snow on the trees and a nip in the air.  That sort of made up for the lack of power and the tree that lay across the driveway.  The saws all didn’t have gasoline in it and I didn’t want to worry about oil mixtures, so I opted for the hand saw and went to work.  In no time at all I was on my way.

It was a drive a lot day, with whirls of thoughts intruding upon my brain and so I won’t go into the travels from Old Faithful to Soda Butte Valley.  Several bison babies were born over night and there was an explosion on both ends of the park of tiny kids learning to negotiate the roads and snow.  The coolest thing I saw was a bald eagle on Soda Butte Cone.  Didn’t get the exact shot I could have because it took off but still priceless.  I’ll show a close one at another time.

The other cool thing was the coyote on the boulder.  It was another quick catch it before it leaves sort of second but better than nothing.

Other than that we had bison and snow.  I’ll just post the images and make it good for tonight.

And then a goose preaching on a boulder in the middle of the river and some more wonderland.

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