Running Bear

It was kind of a luxury day beginning with opening my eyes to early morning and clear blue skies, only to decide to shut them again.  Many, many hours of excellent sleep later, the clouds had begun to come in.  I lay in the comfy bed, piled high with pillows and quilts and stared at the aspen and snow outside in absolute silence.  The cabin is utterly cozy and so homey with beautiful photos.  What a joy these past few days have been.  My legs were sore from the hiking, in a good way, and my mind relaxed and happy.  Finally, curiosity got the better of me and off to the park I went.

It was a very slow day from Roaring Mountain to Canyon to Old Faithful.  The bison are on the move, using the road and trying to avoid the deep snow that is found in places.  I attempted to hike the Mallard Creek trail but the snow was too deep and soft, even in boots.  Snowshoes might have worked earlier in the day.  It is supposed to cool down so I might attempt it again.

Somehow, I managed to be in almost the right place at the right time to see a grizzly cross the road.  There was only one car there when he crossed and they must have been thrilled.  Once on the other side, the bear took off running and was already a ways out by the time I got parked in a pullout.  Still, nice to see.

There was an eagle and some vultures at a carcass on the Firehole but not anything else.  The carcass doesn’t look opened yet.

That was about the extent of my day.  The bison jam delayed getting home but that was okay.  Didn’t see any bison calves today but thought that I’d share a pic from last week.

And, snow is in the forecast for tomorrow and I will dream of seeing wolves running across the landscape.

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