Little Marmots and lots of Grizzlies

Some more baby cuteness brought to you from Yellowstone!

Hope you are smiling on this Sunday as we near the end of our Memorial Day weekend.

Betting that there were record numbers in the park for this holiday.

Today began with four grizzlies in Mammoth! Of all places. Quad mom and her two COY, and a boar on the hill below them. Rumor has it that Quad mom got a calf right in Mammoth.

Then, it was really nice to see Raspberry and Snow. They look great, even at a huge distance, at skyline, with their own elk calf. No photos, just good to see them sitting there, side by side, and surveying their world.

Saw 755 on his carcass but didn’t see the female or yearling.

Heard that there were 5 Mollies today, traveling east in Lamar Valley. And, two Junctions up Antelope Creek with their own calf. Sounded like the Junctions were a black and gray yearling.

And, found a beautiful elk calf in Mammoth this evening, finally! Plus, the marmots were pretty cute and plentiful.

A little warmer today but still windy.

See you tomorrow.