Some news around Yellowstone

Wanted to just share a couple of newspaper items that concern the Yellowstone area.  It was quite warm today and I did not go into the park, figuring that the animals would be staying cool somewhere, unseen.


According to a story in the Bozeman Chronicle, visitation in Yellowstone hit a record high in September with over 571,000 visitors.  No surprise there!

A 28 year old grizzly bear was euthanized in Jardine, North of Gardiner, for attempting to break into a tack room.


One of the solutions to the bison over-population in Yellowstone (according to Montana standards) is to begin disease free herds in different pockets of Montana, on tribal lands.  This effort is not making ranchers happy because they refuse to believe that bison do not transmit disease to their cattle, but that elk do.  Some of the bison that were hauled off last year were put in quarantine to ensure that they were disease free.   Returning the bison to tribal lands could help ease the bison population in the park and do so in a way that would return some bison management to the natives.


That is all for today.  I posted about the neighborhood grizzly on Facebook but am now not feeling so good about it, considering that the 28 year old boar was euthanized a couple of days ago.



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  1. Thank you for keeping us updated on Yellowstone. We love that National Park and all the animals in it !

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